The Team

Wolfgang Battmann (publisher and managing partner). “For me experience means more than 30 years between corporate offices as a consultant and university classrooms as an educator. In these years I supported a variety of companies in their efforts to optimize human relations and overcome structural problems.  Each case is different, but the common denominator is, on a regular basis, a barrier making it difficult for management to let the organization live up to its name as an entity of unhindered flow and transaction. Managing Essentials helps to overcome such barriers by reflecting best practices around the world. I am a studied psychologist specialized on organizational behavior and economic psychology. Once a year I give a course as an associated professor at the Freie Universität Berlin. My academic books and papers can be found here. ” 
Roland Maaß (editor and senior partner). “I worked as a senior consultant in R&D and sourcing for the German automotive industry. My specialty is project management and process optimization. I graduated as a “Diplom-Ingenieur” from the Technische Universität Berlin having focused my studies on information systems and business process management. As an engineer, I am used to work in an environment which is permanently facing change and progress. New situations, new use cases and new technical possibilities are making systems smaller cheaper smarter. Compared to the technical progress the progress in managing often falls behind. Managing Essentials is helping professionals to stay informed and to keep pace with the state of the art in management.”